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"Sanatkaran Electronic" Company was established in 2004 with the aim of serving human beings and humanity throughout the world and moving towards the peaks of advancement and also providing the technical and electronic requirements of the country by the invention of the latest electronical tools and systems required in the service provider companies such as Gas Company ...

At the beginning of work with registration of several patents of inventions entered into this field and managed to receive the most authoritative certificates and international standards such as ISO 9001, ATEX, QAN, EN12405 from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Goals and perspectives:
- Efforts to meet the technical and electronic needs of the country and move in the path of self-sufficiency;
- Design and production of highly precise electronic controller systems;
- Promoting and developing a culture of reliance on domestic capabilities;
- Using the potential of the knowledge based science on the goal of valuing the country;
- Promotion of the scientific and technological level of the country in the international communities;
- To play a role in scientific and technological advances around the world. 

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inventor of company

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inventor of the company is one of the country's leading geniuses and experts in the field of electronics, mechatronics, computers and software, which has been able to register as more than 30 inventions in various fields with the title of inventor and superior researcher in the field of technology development in the country.

Also, during this time, by providing innovative ideas in the production and development of high technologies has made a significant contribution to manufacturing companies in order to achieve the goals of progress and increase. From his point of view, geniuses without any dependence on the country or religion, should be able to serve humanitarian services throughout the world.

Member of inventors association

Member of inventors society

Acquire medal of Kharazmi competition

Acquire gold medal of inventors competition

Registered 30 patent of inventions

Super researcher & inventor in the field of technology development

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